Pumpkin has a boyfriend




I thought I’d throw out a quick update on the orange kitty we rescued last winter. Last we spoke, he was busily settling into the house, and being a lover not a fighter he was mainly placating all the house cats that didn’t reciprocate his ever loving attentions.  He is the cuddliest cat by nature, and he is now allowing me to pet him, as long as he doesn’t see my hand approach him directly.  He also hisses at the front door if it’s open, and runs away to hide probably hoping that he never has anything to do with the great outdoors ever again.


With Alfie, he ended up making peace and now they are happy to run away from scary noises together.


With Tweak, he has a mutual pact of non-aggression. He tries to be all loving, but she looks at him sideways and walks away.


But it was my big white deaf boy that was the main object of his affections.  He LOVES the big white furball, and follows him around the house worshipfully. And despite the fact that they’re both male, he tries to get frisky with him. And he tries to hold him down and clean him, and groom him, and cuddle up next to him. It’s hilarious and entertaining by turns.  And now I have a big gay orange cat, and poor confused Cheney who has no idea what he’s done to deserve this.


PS – He also has a supremely useful trait. When Cheney locks himself in the bathroom to have a yell (see story), Pumpkin runs to the rescue. Upon hearing his plaintive cries, he headbutts the door and lets Cheney out. It’s very sweet to watch, and incredibly helpful as well.


“I’m gonna hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George…”